Power Your RFPs for Higher Conversion Rates in Tech B2B

Why We Exist

The state of business talk is dire, and let’s be blunt—most sales meetings suck! They become painfully self-centered, drowning in company and product focus.

Amidst all the ‘what’ and ‘how,’ the ‘Why’ is the heartbeat. The best offering rarely wins. It’s the best story and the most effective sales engine that usually triumph. People don’t invest in checklists, features, or hypothetical benefits. They invest in undeniable value. How you communicate your offerings really, really matters.

Sellers? They’re often lost in their own storylines, oblivious to the only perspective that matters – that of the buyer and the associated buying group. Someone has to slam the reality on the table! 

What We Believe In

Our vision is to overhaul the tech services landscape, liberating businesses to shatter the ‘Me! Me! Me!’ that hampers every step of the sales cycle. We’re on a mission to stop miscommunication, dispel the noise, and make the overall experience less rubbish for the buyer.

In a market where every tech provider is essentially singing the same tune, our aim is to help you move the needle a little less obvious. Instead of the common self-centered approach, we shift the focus to your potential target and what’s in it for them. By adjusting your offer from your buyer’s perspective, you’ll differentiate your proposal and make it significantly more relevant to them.

Our core value is in speaking it as we see it, even when it means being brutally honest. We firmly believe that in the world of business, unfiltered truth consistently leads to better outcomes.

What We Do

Our role is to bring a dispassionate, objective view to the table, helping tech providers position themselves to their best advantage and optimize their RFP/Bid processes for successful conversion into sales. Our Services are specialized in:
Introductory sales meeting best practice
RFP/Bid Support & Tear Down:
Portfolio design good practices
Pricing model design
Customer reference-ability

How We Do It

Our operational model is based on a proposal/document review basis, ensuring that all analyst interactions are focused and require dedicated time. This allows us to provide tailored feedback and offer appropriate Calls to Action (CTAs).
Need Assessment
We begin by conducting a thorough assessment of your current approach. We identify areas where your communication may be falling short and where opportunities for improvement lie.
Buyer-Centric Strategy

We emphasize aligning your proposals with what your buyers are seeking. Our approach is firmly grounded in the principle that people invest in undeniable value. We assist you in crafting narratives that resonate profoundly with your target audience.

Strategy Refinement

We work closely with you to refine your sales strategy, ensuring it’s centered on your buyer’s perspective. This means not only redefining ‘what’ and ‘how’ you offer but also highlighting the ‘why’ that makes your proposals irresistible.

Unfiltered Feedback

Our feedback and review is aimed at improving your proposals, presentations, and content. 

Our goal is to ensure that every piece of communication is relevant, powerful, and geared towards success. Thus, the interactions may strip facades and hoists authenticity to its rightful throne.

To Whom

Our services are crafted for discerning Tech Sales Leaders, including proposal/bid offer managers, who hold direct responsibility for RFP conversion. Typically, they can embrace a fraction of our guidance and recognize the value in doing things differently and making efforts towards change, particularly when dealing with RFPs and proposals exceeding $10 million in TCV.

Who We Are

We’re a community of former, retired, and independent renown market analysts with extensive industry experience. Our passion lies in supporting technology and service providers in optimizing and converting their B2B sales strategies. With years of expertise under our belts, we have successfully reviewed over 1500+ sales proposals. We have honed our skills and are committed to candidly sharing our insights and making a difference in the industry


PACKING A PUNCH: We deliver impactful results to your clients
‘’Wow, I always looked forward to hearing your feedback and I always think: what would the Analyst say? When I’m working. You’re a great teacher.’’
VP of Marketing of a Software Development Company, UK
Walking in Tandem: We're your partners in the journey

‘’ You have provided so much value and quality insight during your time. Thank You.’’

Managing Director of a Consulting Services Company, UK
No Sugar-Coating: We believe in candor

‘’Insightful always, with candor and unique edginess.’’

SVP, Customer Success, Large Software Company, CA, USA
Raw Truth: We speak it unapologetically

 ‘’Nothing parallels to a thoroughly beaten up/no holds barred feedback session from the Analyst’’ 

Director of Sales of a Large ITS & ITC Company, UK

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